October 23, 2013 Business Coaching News Executive coaching 0

Working with professional services can be quite revealing.

They are generally great technically but not so good at developing their teams.

When I started my business I was greeted by a Managing Partner who I had never previously met saying I hate my job!

The fact of the matter was that he didn’t hate his job he just didn’t like what he was now doing as he came into the sector to focus on one specialisation and ended up doing several specialisations.

How common is this and what is the impact on our performance?

Once we challenged what would happen if he was just to focus on that which motivated him he eventually agreed that he could increase his earning potential by up to £250000. For a sense of realism we agreed that the figure should be £125000.

The reason that this could not be achieved was that there was no one to delegate the ‘other stuff’ to.

By eventually agreeing to delegate the ‘other stuff’ to the next person down the chain who then felt more valued and then passing her work down and so on we ended up with a hole. The cost of filling that hole was a £12000 admin assistant! Yes you are right…a no brainer.

If we take this analogue and break down the walls of fee earning and create more team work how much more can practices earn?

‘None of us are as smart as all of us!’ Ken Blanchard’s series of books.

What are you going to do to break down your walls?