April 26, 2018 Business Coaching News 0

Here, we explain a real life account of how our business coaching services can help your business succeed and make you feel happier within your job. These words are from Coaching 4 Success’ John Harrison.

Good morning.

Like your job or loathe your job.

I remember a client of mine, a managing partner of a law firm many years ago. The first time I ever met the guy, I walked into his office and he said “I hate my job”, and I thought, well, we can only move forward from here. He then went on to say that he joined originally to work on one particular aspect of the work that he did, and that little aspect represented one small corner of his desk, a small pile, and the rest of his desk was strewn with papers and legal documents.

I turned round to him and said okay so, if we were to metaphorically move all of that other work into the bin, and at that point he suddenly looked worried that I was going to do so, what would that do for you? After a bit of thought, he said “well actually, I could focus more on the work I enjoy.”

In focusing more on that, what would it do for you? He replied, “well I would enjoy coming to work.” What else would it do for you? “We’d make more money.” So, I then pushed him and said, how much more money? He thought about it, and eventually he came up with a figure of a quarter of a million pounds annually.. He then said, “well, but I can’t because I’ve got all of this other work to do.”

So I brought all of his paperwork back onto his desk, metaphorically speaking, and he sunk back into his chair and sighed. I said, but if you were to pass this onto the next person, what would it do for them? “Oh no,” he speedily responded, “you can’t do that, they’re too busy.” I said, let’s assume they’re not too busy, what would it do for them? “Well, they would feel more valued” he responded. Okay, so in feeling more valued, what would that do? “Well, they would feel more motivated.” Okay, but they’re too busy. Let’s assume now, that they can pass on some of their work to the next person. “No, they can’t do that because they’re too busy” he would say. But let’s assume they’re not too busy. So he passed it on, and they would feel more motivated…

So eventually, this went on and on (metaphorically speaking), and at one point, it falls off the end because there aren’t enough resources in the business. We then explored that issue, and I said okay, for additional resources at that end, how much would it cost? £10,000 to £12,000 a year? He said “yeah probably.” So, for £10,000 to £12,000 a year, coming back up the chain again, we can not only increase our fee income by a quarter of a million pounds, or lets say £125,000, but we would also have a more motivated team of staff, who were enjoying what they were doing more. No brainer? So what do you do? Do you surround yourself with a desk full of papers? Or do you pass it on?”

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