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Business Coaching adds value to individuals, teams and Business performance.

  • Do you have a clear strategy for your business?

  • Do you want to grow your business and improve profitability?

  • Are your team aware of your vision and have they bought in to it?

One constant in Business Coaching is that it is focused purely on enabling businesses and busy executives to consistently improve their performance. It allows the business owner or board of Directors to focus on business strategy for effective growth.

Using a combination of unique tools and focus on your business we identify the issues and the actions required to address them.

With one of our Business Coaches we will support you to achieve your goals and add real value to your business.

What have you to lose – Our money back guarantee commits us to delivering value on all of our Business Coaching Programmes and gives you the peace of mind of a return on your investment. You also have the opportunity to speak to one of our many clients to find out what we have delivered for them.

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Traditionally, sports teams have hired coaches to help perfect player performance, business owners are now inviting Business Coaching into their businesses to help them gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Business Coaching has gained popularity in UK organisations over the last few years for its ability to meet both business and executive developmental needs spanning business, functional and personal skills, attitudes and behaviours.

The International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) research demonstrated that stand-alone training increased productivity by 22.4% whereas training supported by Business Coaching increased it by 88%. The right Business Coach can give any organisation, small or large, major competitive advantage, and leading edge companies seeking innovative ways to develop their people are hiring professional Business Coaches for leaders and for top teams.



We are accustomed to working in many different organisations working with individuals and teams at all levels and improving performance in areas such as:

*Leadership behaviours
*Business relationships
*Performance management
*Bottom line performance
*Organisational change
*Career management
*Strategic development
*Succession planning

Business Coaching also adds value in a number of other areas including:

*Business strategic growth
*Accelerating the personal development of individuals defined as ’emerging leaders’
*Underpin the effective implementation of organisational change, through supporting teams and individuals
*Support the induction or appointment of a senior person into a new role
*Act as a critical friend, mentor, motivator or independent sounding board to individual executives
*Support formal classroom based training giving individuals the opportunity to explore how to integrate new skills and/or behaviours into the workplace as well as having a positive impact on *performance
*Support executives engaged in wider management development programmes, including 360-degree feedback, psychometric assessment development or appraisals


We work on the basis that one glove does not fit all and therefore prefer to design a Business Coaching Programme to meet your specific individual or business needs and geared around your diary.

For your bespoke service contact us now and we will assist you in your decision making process.

Coaching4Success – Business Coaching for:

*Business Coaching for CEOs, Managing Directors and Business Owners
*Business Coaching for teams (up to 12 participants)
*Business Coaching for the Business.

Our bespoke Business Coaching Programmes can also include EBW (Emotions and Behaviours at Work) Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessments, Advanced reporting and feedback.

Free Trial Coaching Session:

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We want you to be satisfied with your commitment. That is why we also offer our money back guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee is proof that that we are committed to delivering value on all of our Business Coaching Programmes.


There are some clear organisational trends prompting business leaders to look for alternative ways to enhance their own performance.

Some of these include:

*The increasing importance now placed on organisational culture as a way to retain good staff
*Increased time pressures
*Focus by business leaders on the impact of emotional intelligence
*Increase pressure to perform – individuals and business
*Focus by organisations not only on the need for people to perform but also on how they do so
*The emphasis being placed on the psychological contract


Business Coaching is a totally results–orientated approach. However, it is a completely different skill area from those of training, mentoring, counselling or consulting, in that it is goal-centric. It involves dynamic interaction through which the coach enables the client and hence the relevant employees to identify options and commit to taking actions that move them closer to achieving the ultimate goal.

The result is that the group ‘mission’ is not only driven down through the organisation but also driven back up again by very focused employees at all levels. The documented results are remarkable and tend to be sustained over a longer time period.

We have business coaches who offer the highest quality of coaching to Business clients, their executives and their teams, covering a broad range of specialities.

They are all people we know and respect and who consistently deliver results with their clients. They are not only fantastic people but also they are brilliant coaches and we are so confident in recommending them to you that we offer a money back guarantee.