Over the years that we have provided career coaching we have often asked clients

career coaching

If you could change three things in your life NOW what would you change?

From our experience their response might be one of the following:

I really want to:

*Feel more motivated. My life is so monotonous.
*Get things done. I always have too much to do.
*Be happier. I hate things the way they are.
*Be more confident. I am nervous in large groups and find it difficult talking to people.
*Improve my career prospects. I am sure that I could do better but don’t know how to.
*Improve or change aspects of your personal life. There are so many areas in which I am unhappy.
*Achieve a goal or ambition. I never achieve anything.
*Have more time for the things you value and enjoy. I am always too busy.
*Feel less stressed. I always feel so overwhelmed.
*Find a partner/soul mate. It would be nice to have someone to confide in and be there.
*Improve my relationships with my family. They don’t understand.
*Be more decisive. Why can’t he/she decide it would be so much easier.
*Be able to manage my anger. I don’t mean to shout or upset her/him.
*Be healthier and fitter. I hate looking in the mirror.

What would be your response?

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Career coaching is confidential, supportive and goal centric and focuses on you in many areas, which include:


*Personal development
*Career change
*Work-life balance
*Stress management
*Interpersonal communication
*Time management
*Self-awareness and self-acceptance
*Presentation skills

We have a team of personal life coaches who offer the highest quality of coaching to individual clients, covering a broad range of life challenges.

They consistently deliver results with clients and are not only fantastic people but they are also excellent coaches. We offer a money back guarantee to give you comfort that we deliver value to you on every one of our Career Coaching Programmes.

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Our money back guarantee is designed to give you comfort that we deliver value to you on every one of our Personal Life Coaching Programmes.


As a general guideline, you can expect to pay in the region of £550 per month for weekly one-to-one sessions with email support in between. This is based on telephone and Skype personal life coaching. You determine the time-frame.

Should you wish to have face to face personal life coaching sessions we will connect you with career coach near you. There is likely to be an additional cost for face to face coaching which covers travel and time unless the coach is happy to see you at their office.


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Our money back guarantee is designed to give you comfort that we deliver value to you on every one of our Career Coaching Programmes.

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