Emergenetics: The Evolution of psychometric profiling

Moving Thinking Forward


Emergenetics utilises robust neuroscience research and crystal clear presentation to provide profiles that significantly enhance personal, team and organisational performance.

Emergenetics identifies our thinking and behavioural preferences that have emerged from our individual combination of life experiences and genetics.

The profiles distinguish between our thinking and behavioural attributes, accurately measuring our levels of preference for each. This information is then presented in a uniquely clear and accessible format, for both individual and team reports.  As a result, Emergenetics represents a significant evolution from older psychometric tools that are less accurate and less accessible.



The neuroscience behind Emergenetics revealed an additional dimension to personality profiling by separating behavioural preferences from thinking preferences.

It eliminates stereotyping seen in other profiling models.

Emergenetics maps preference for four thinking attributes and three behavioural attributes.

Thinking Attributes:

  • ANALYTICAL our rational and factual way of thinking
  • STRUCTURAL our practical and planned way of thinking
  • SOCIAL our social and empathetic way of thinking
  • CONCEPTUAL our imaginative and conceptual way of thinking

Behavioural Attributes:

  • EXPRESSIVENESS our level of participation with others
  • ASSERTIVENESS our interest in controlling situations and results
  • FLEXIBILITY our willingness to accommodate others

Identifying the unique combination of each individual’s four thinking and three behavioural attributes, Emergenetics offers a picture of preferences which is extremely powerful and different from other tools.

The suite of Emergenetics products represents a significant advancement in psychometric profiling.


Emergenetics drives performance through creating an awareness of the diverse thinking and behavioural approaches that make people individual.

Areas in which performance will be enhanced, include the following:

  • Self-awareness, self-confidence and personal impact
  • Team understanding, communications and effectiveness
  • Improved recruitment results
  • More effective performance management
  • Creation of a universal language for an organisation
  • Improved decision making
  • Better strategizing, planning and delivery
  • Greater efficiency and productivity for individuals and teams
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Better utilization of unique individual strengths

The tool has been designed with the user in mind:

  • Simple to embrace because the accuracy and language avoids people feeling pigeon-holed.
  • Easy to understand and apply as a result of the crystal clear presentation format.
  • Memorable ‘light bulb’ moments are created through the insight presented by the profiles.
  • Universal application as Emergenetics is relevant to any sector, role or seniority level.
  • Applicable across HR priorities including recruitment, development and performance management.
  • Positive and ‘non-threatening’ language to facilitate productive conversations.
  • Accreditation options available for internal delivery of programmes.
  • Pre-designed Leadership and Development programmes to cover key management and leadership topics.

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