April 26, 2018 Emergenetics 0

Our Business Training and Development Emergenetics expert John Harrison explains his own experiences with the Emergenetics, the evolution of psychometric profiling. Emergenetics uses personality profiling by separating behavioural preferences from thinking preferences and can help drive performance through creating an awareness of the diverse thinking and behavioural approaches that make people individual. See John Harrison talk about his experiences in the video below.

Video Transcript:

My Emergenetics Story started 3 years ago, and I was skeptical when I first came across it when I met with David Sales. But, I soon got the see the power of Emergenetics and more importantly the app and the power it had with clients.

One particular example was in the construction sector, a small private business. The traditional business had been established for over 50 years and suddenly transformed having run an MOTM (Meeting Of The Minds) workshop with their leadership team. Since running that workshop, the business for the last 3 years, has actually outperformed any previous performance in terms of profitability. Even better, they invited me back. They are often using the app for reference purposes to enhance the communication within their organisation. So it is quite refreshing actually, to go in there and see them proactively using Emergenetics. From a personal perspective, I have undergone a number of profile assessments, but certainly Emergenetics sold it for me and I continue to use it with clients in quite diverse industries.

So that is My Emergenetics Story…

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