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In order to get the best out of yourself and your team

You need to find the best way of working together. Often, this can be achieved by increasing the understanding between colleagues, managers and executives and helping staff to gain a more in depth understanding of their own thinking and behavioural preferences. Once everyone in your team has an improved knowledge of themselves and their colleagues, you can create a common language within your workplace and drive the success of your teams and ultimately your business.

What is Emergenetics?

Emergenetics is built on the idea that the person you are today is the result of two things: genetic traits and life experiences. The Emergenetics profile offers a powerful way of looking at how nature and nurture combine to create our current work ethic, thinking and behavioural preferences.

Understanding your own Emergenetics profile can give you an insight into your most preferred and least preferred preferences, helping you to understand why you might react in certain ways to certain situations. An in depth knowledge of your own unique makeup can be a powerful tool both in your professional and private life, allowing you to take control and achieve your goals.

How Emergenetics can create a common language

Understanding whether you, and the members of your team, are analytical, structural, social or conceptual thinkers will help you to create a dynamic and productive working environment. If you have an idea of how each of your colleagues or employees will react to a situation, and what information they might need to fully understand concepts, briefs and complex ideas, you’ll be able to manage your staff more effectively and more successfully.

What’s more, understanding that people come from the full behavioural spectrum can help to prevent misunderstandings. This will help to build trust within your organisation and help you to get the most out of everyone you work with. The more your team understand Emergenetics, and the more familiar they are with its ideas and concepts, the easier it will be to create this common language and drive the success of your business.
The great news is that Emergenetics + is a downloadable app that is free to those who have a profile and is a fantastic tool for creating the best team, improving working relationships, accessing the preferences of others in order to improve performance!

Taking the Emergenetics profile

To begin using Emergenetics within your company, you need to create your own profile and ask your colleagues and employees to do the same. Speak to your Emergenetics practitioner today to know more and to start changing your business for the better, just as Western Union, Molsom Coors and many others have already undertaken.
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