‘Fee earning or Team working?’

October 23, 2013 Business Coaching News Executive coaching 0

Working with professional services can be quite revealing. They are generally great technically but not so good at developing their teams. When I started my business I was greeted by a Managing Partner who I had never previously met saying I hate my job! The fact of the matter was that he didn’t hate his… Read more

Change and the Emotional Impact”

October 23, 2013 Business Coaching News Personal Life Coaching 0

Why is it that at the mention of change there is such mixed emotional reactions? I often see when working with clients the individuals who say…great, and really embrace the freshness that change can breathe into the business when compared to others who take the …Oh no! ‘If it isn’t broken why fix it’ approach.… Read more

Emotional Intelligence

November 1, 2011 Personal Life Coaching 0

‘Anyone can become angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way – this is not easy’ Aristotle – The Nicomachean Ethics Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the center of intelligence and emotion. They also thought so… Read more

Workplace Mediation – Dispute Resolution

May 30, 2011 Business Coaching News Workplace Mediation 0

‘Mediation is a structured process whereby an impartial mediator facilitates communication between those in dispute in order for them to understand each other better and to come up with mutually acceptable solutions which will improve the working relationship in the future.’ The emphasis in this situation is that of win / win, problem solving where… Read more

Business and Executive Coaching

May 24, 2011 Business Coaching News Executive coaching 0

The Coaching for High Growth programme is designed to help ambitious and forward thinking businesses unlock and sustain their high growth potential. The programme consists of a Growth Pathfinder master class and up to 4 days of one to one Business Coaching, tailored to meet your company’s needs. The master class will help you identify… Read more