Executive Coaching

Descriptions of Executive Coaching experiences from just two of our clients:

John quickly absorbed the concepts of our complex and very unusual business and, using his wealth of experience, was able to challenge my ideas and practices.  This enabled me to sanity-check what I was doing and where I was heading with our business.  John was also able to spot the logic and sense in lots of the things I was doing and so, didn’t waste time asking “why?” or “what?” because he could join the dots himself. In less than 12 months our turnover has doubled, John has undoubtedly played a part in our success and I would recommend him to any business.As a CEO there are times you need external business support;  a sounding board and someone who can challenge by asking the difficult questions that others may shy away from. John is an astute listener who can help you get to the crux of an issue quickly, using subtle but skilled coaching techniques.   He was able to assist both me and several members of my team as they took on new roles and experienced a large period of change in the organisation. I would recommend John to anyone who is keen to identify personal and professional goals, and those who wish to achieve at the highest level.

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With one of our Executive Coaches we will support you to achieve your goals and add value to you and your business.

Our money back guarantee commits us to delivering value on all of our Executive Coaching Programmes and gives you the peace of mind of a return on your investment.

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A bespoke Executive Coaching programme to meet your specific needs, at a time, and place, convenient to you. Alternatively, we can provide Executive Coaching telephone sessions.

If we were to ask you what would you want from one of our Executive coaching programmes, what would you say?

*A sounding board for major decisions?
*More time?
*Better work/life balance?
*To become CEO/MD/Director?
*A new career?
*To be understood?
*To be more decisive?
*Better Leadership Skills?
*To be more focused?
*To feel comfortable in meetings?
*Better presentation skills?
*To have more confidence?
*To be able to control my emotions?
*To be motivated?
*To be able to motivate my team?
*To earn more income?
*To improve profitability?
*An Executive Coaching Programme that meets your needs?

These are just a sample of the areas our Executive Coaching clients have required us to provide.


With one of our Executive Coaching team we can support you to achieve your goals.

Our money back guarantee is designed to give you comfort that we deliver value on every one of our Executive Coaching Programmes.


We work on the basis that one glove does not fit all and therefore prefer to design an Executive Coaching Programme to meet your individual and your business needs designed around your diary.

For your bespoke service contact us now and we will assist you in deciding what is best for you.

Telephone: 0800 7563012


*Coaching and training for CEO’s, Managing Directors, Business Owners, Managing Partners, Directors, Partners and Executives.
*Coaching and training for teams (up to 8 participants).
*Coaching for the Business.

Our bespoke Executive Training Programmes can also include EBW (Emotions and Behaviours at Work) Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessments, Advanced reporting and feedback.

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We want you to be satisfied with your commitment. That is why we also offer our money back guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee is designed to give you comfort that we are committed to delivering value on every one of our Executive Coaching Programmes.