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What does that mean to you?training and development

If you are looking for just another training and development course for you, your team or your business please do not ring us.

If you are prepared to be challengedstretchedfeel uncomfortable and get real value then call us now.

We are only interested in delivering a training and development programme where you, your team or your business say ‘I/we got real value in every respect’, not just, ‘I/we met some great people’.

We design and deliver programmes that meet your specific needs. They are expensive but then we deliver real value.

Our confidence in our delivery is measured by your success and our money back guarantee.

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Leadership and Management Courses – for businesses and executives who want to Excel.

“As with any fine structure, ensuring the foundations are strong enables them to withstand whatever is thrown at them.”

Investing in your business in training and development in leadership, or in your team and your executives will ensure those strong foundations and assist in:

*Improved staff retention
*Increased motivation
*Improved performance
*Improved personal effectiveness
*Improved time management
*Improved communication
*Reduced conflict
*Improved relationships
*Improved decision making
*Improved team work
*Improved bottom line!

Whether you decide that training and development in leadership and management is for you, your team or one of your executives, our leadership and management programmes are geared around your business needs, which includes your busy schedules.


Each Leadership and management programme is dependent upon the specific needs of your company. However, for a typical bite sized workshop for up to 5 individuals the cost is £497.

To include individual EBW (Emotions and Behaviours at Work) Emotional Intelligence Psychometric assessments, feedback and Advanced report there is an additional charge of £257 per individual.

For a one to one coaching programme choose from one of the options on the Executive Coaching Programme.

All prices exclude VAT. Any subsistence or other associated expenses are charged separately Please ask when you book your programme.

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Neuroscience in the 21st century!

Do you have challenges with your executive team or in fact any team?

Know your team and your team knowing each other.The result, a performance improvement!

An up to date profiling tool that focuses on Thinking and behavioural preferences that really impacts on Team performance. Established for over 20 years ago  with over 400,000 assessments.

For those that like detail, the norms are updated every two years based on a sample of >10,000.

Not only is it fresh but it is alive as it continually updates to changes in the norm.

In the UK we expect It  to be the profiling tool to turn to for performance improvement  and with our new product EPS for bespoke recruitment. (

Already being talked about as the fresh approach to profiling it  will continue to gather momentum.

Apply now for a free assessment (only available to companies employing more than 40 employees with a real desire to improve performance)


Our moods and emotions influence our behaviours every day at work to good or bad effect.

Understanding and gaining an accurate insight into how emotions impact on performance and what motivates an individual to succeed is the key to successful leadership/management and realising the full potential of an organisation’s human capital.

Working in consultation with you we use the EBW Emotional Intelligence Business Model and Psychometric System to develop and deliver effective leadership solutions that complement existing leadership frameworks and directly meet your organisational needs resulting in:

Improvement in leadership by benchmarking critical emotions and behaviours against success indicators

*Better self insight & personal responsibility for performance
*Better decision making and risk assessment
*Enhanced communication & cultural awareness
*Increased mental toughness
*More efficient team work
*More effective organisations
*Better business results!

The Quest Profiler™

The Quest Profiler™ is one of the UK’s most widely used personality tools and can be used to help identify development needs.


*Benchmark key behaviours
*Identify competency potential
*Determine team/leadership approaches
*Investigate motivation through a unique Culture Match report
*Generate instant reports for candidates

Motivational Maps®

Performance in any organisation depends upon the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation. Motivational Maps® provide the solution to what is probably the most difficult of these three to manage and sustain – MOTIVATION.

Motivational Maps reveal your key motivators in clear and easy to understand reports.

Other personality tests can provide employee awareness, but Motivational Maps go much further providing Reward Strategies to show you how to reward your staff effectively, Appraisal Systems to improve staff appraisal, and an effective new Team Building tool.

It is a simple on-line diagnostic tool that:

*Enables individuals, teams and organisations to understand and prioritise what motivates them
*Reveals how motivated they are, and
*Provides practical and effective tools that increase motivation at all levels.


With one of our Business Coaching team we will support you to achieve your goals.

Our money back guarantee is proof that that we are committed to delivering value on all of our Leadership and Management programmes.

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*Non-Violent Communication (NVC)*Time Management
*Creative Problem Solving
*Sales and Marketing for Beginners and Intermediates
*Presentation in Public Speaking
*Business Start-Up and Surviving the First Year
*The Art of NLP and Influence in Business
*Emotional Intelligence for Executives
*Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace – Why Risk It?
*Handling Workplace Conflict: An Introductory Workshop for Managers
*Managing Key Employment Issues – Conduct, Performance and Absence
*Coaching Skills
*NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner
*Values Based Leadership

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