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The Coaching for High Growth programme is designed to help ambitious and forward thinking businesses unlock and sustain their high growth potential.

The programme consists of a Growth Pathfinder master class and up to 4 days of one to one Business Coaching, tailored to meet your company’s needs. The master class will help you identify barriers to growth and develop a tailored action plan. Thereafter, a coach will be allocated to work alongside you and your management team.

The Programme is designed to be action orientated

In other words, the coach will help with structure, direction and defining targets or milestones but you implement the recommendations and work towards the targets between each meeting. You therefore take ownership of a progressive growth plan which is developed and kick-started over a period of 3 – 5 months. Areas to be addressed may include:

  • leadership and management capability
  • market understanding
  • operational issues
  • innovation
  • supply chain management
  • skills development

The Coaching for High Growth programme is being delivered by the highly experienced team at St John’s Innovation Centre on behalf of the East of England Development Agency. The coaches are experienced business coaches who have hands-on experience of growing businesses. They understand the challenges you face so are well placed to help you unlock the issues and forge a path to sustainable increases in turnover and profit.

The Master class is free and the coaching is offered for a nominal fee of £250 (+vat) for 4 half days coaching.